Sunday, March 6, 2011

7 Life Lessons from a Duck

Sometimes . . .
1.  You get your ducks in a row and something comes along and blows them away.
2.  You have to stick your neck out for the ones you love.
3.  You just have to roll with it.
4.  You need to check on your friends.
5.  You have to shake it off.
6.  You need to take a moment to re-group.
7.  You have to look unfazed and get back in the front to lead.


  1. Oh my.... this makes me cry.... and then.... smile when they "regroup"! Love your "life lessons"! :)

  2. oh man that made be gasp!! Poor babies and mommy duck - I hope they made it where they were going!!

    Another life lesson from a duck...

    Sometimes you are just waddling through life when all of a sudden your are thrust into a totally different direction which causes you to stop and really pay attention to living and enjoying your life as you waddle through it!!


  3. I can't help but imagine the conversation that might have happened after that....
    Whoa, mom!!!! Did you see what just happened??!? I just rolled all the way over to the bushes!!
    Well OF COURSE I saw it, I blew all over too, you dork! Now get back in line. Keep it together guys, come on! Geez!
    And there would be a Grace-like duck who would be crying because it was scary. She wouldn't get back in line until I hugged her. the Ada-duck would want to do it again. The Eli-duck is the first one who asked if I saw it.

  4. So, so good!!! What a life lesson. That's kinda how I've felt lately... Waddle, quack, waddle, waddle, Whoosh!

  5. Such great comments you guys!!
    The mom in all if us relates to this duck with a gasp! We cannot imagine this happening to a or otherwise!

    Tracey - I appreciate your insight, waddling along and then "cancer" blows you away.

    Kris, You're living life and a phone call comes about a car accident....whooooosh....

    Janna - you made us laugh our loud! I see the Ada, Eli and Grace duck here for sure! :)

    Thanks for commenting on this post - I love how we can all relate to this family of ducks.


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