Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Other Women

My husband spent some time this week with two of my favorite women. Kevin's uncle passed away last week and so he flew to Minnesota for the funeral. Although the passing of a loved one is not something any of us look forward to, it is a time when family and friends sometimes come from near and far to gather where they otherwise would not.

It was a busy week for Kevin, he was to be traveling for work to two different cities. Instead he cancelled all plans and flew to pick up his sister and then travel the 5 hours to meet up with their mom. I love this.

As we move into our marriages and begin our own families, we sometimes lose one-on-one connections with our parents and siblings. I love my sister-in-law, and I love when we get one-on-one time. I adore my mother-in-law and when we get time alone, it fills me up. Kevin doesn't seem to get as much of that time as I do, and its his family!

I think its because we women are so relational, we make sure we get that time with the other women in our lives who mean so much. I also believe because we understand that, we should encourage our husbands to take time out for their moms, for their sisters (and for their dads & brothers).

Kevin and his sister were very close growing up, even with twelve years between them; in many ways he became a father-figure to her. They laugh and joke around and care about each other. I have always seen the special and loving relationship Kevin and his mom have had. Although I would have loved to have gone along for this time in Minnesota, I am also loving that my husband got this time with two of his other favorite women.

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