Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Looking Up...

A peek at my today...my youngest son, who is still working through monumental piles of stuff from his life prior to being adopted, absolutely erupted today as he threw something across the room at me, screamed that he hated me (a first, and I view that potentially as a compliment and possible progress) and ran away. Seriously. He ran out of the house, down the street, around the corner. No shoes, no coat, in an absolute rage, in the rain. All before school even started.

A peek at my yesterday...in hearing the news of the recent 2010 National Young Mother of the Year title, a local news channel called to invite me to be on their noon program in a few weeks.

So, I wondered tonight how to reconcile these two very different days in my mind.

I realized that this is just another example of the extremes that most moms feel as they parent, at least at some points. Some of it is mountain top, and some of it comes screaming at you from across the room.

Lift your face to heaven when you feel the warmth of the good, and drop to your knees when you have to go for the duck and cover. Either way...I believe that looking to God is where it the reconciliation of the two can, and will take place.

Standing on Solid Ground,

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  1. You really do write so beautifully about things that many moms can relate to but don't even know how to express. It's always a good reminder to look up at those times because that IS the only place where anything can be made sense of. Thanks for your insights!


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