Saturday, May 8, 2010

While I was Away, You Spent $50 on What?

Before we left for New York, I asked the three older kids, who were being left home alone for the weekend (minus the youngest of the four) if they wanted me to prepare meals ahead of time, or if they wanted grocery money and they could figure it out. They opted for the grocery money.

Courtney (almost 18) and Zach (15 1/2) headed to the grocery store on Friday evening and with a cart and a calculator in hand and roamed the isles for weekend sustenance to share with their sister Erin.

Here is what they found:

S'mores PopTarts
Chocolate Donut Holes
Fruit by the Foot
Puffed Popcorn
Reese's Pieces
Corn Dogs
Strawberries (alas something respectable)

There was some cash left, so they used the balance to go to lunch at Panera on Sunday after church.

What I love about this is ~ they made a plan, budgeted wisely (by that I mean they had a calculator) gained a new appreciation for my shopping expertise, time management (I heard it took them an hour to shop for the above items) and knowledge of the layout of the store. I love that they even valued saving some cash for a meal out together.

I appreciated that their goal was to purchase all the things they like but that I do not buy. Good job children of mine. I am indeed proud of you. I mean that sincerely.

P.S. There was no milk and no bread in the house when we arrived back home. There were however pop and donuts.


  1. I do love your children. :)

  2. Isn't that always the way. I don't think my husband cooked very much, from the look of our bank account.


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