Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I last wrote here about the journey with our adopted son. I was waiting at that time with a prayer, a plan and hope.

Well, we are still on the journey and I can tell you that its good to be moving again. The new medications are helping him to have more room to make the right choice more often. The new therapy and therapist seem to have met up with us at the right time and in the right place; confirmation to me that God has the map and we seem to be on the right path.

When we left therapy yesterday the therapist commented that he was very cooperative, this was great news because last week he was anything but cooperative. As we drove home I commented on his willingness to engage in the session and this is what he said, "Well, I figured God is taking me to a new place, so I will just go."

This is good. Actually its great. It made my heart smile. May he leave behind some baggage so that he can move to his new place a little less hindered.

As we drove, Lift Up Your Face, Salvation is Coming played again on that radio. "Its almost over", the whisper came again. May it be so.


  1. Wow! What a great comment and move forward for him. I think there's many adults, myself included, who can learn from his comment. If only we all could "just go."

  2. I am so excited for him... and for you. Praise be to God. We'll mark that in the "victory" column.

  3. Ryan, Janna & Kris,
    Yes indeed. Praise be to God. May this child just go...even if we stumble, lets get this thing going.


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