Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Can I See Your I.D.?

A funny (and embarrassing) thing happened when I took Zach out for dinner a few weeks ago. (If you haven't read about the gift of presenCe, click here) I wanted to take him someplace he had not been to, someplace original and with great food; I thought of JK O'Donnell's. Kevin and I have been there a few times and I thought Zach would appreciate the Irish food and environment.

The problem was immediately apparent when we were approached by our waiter who carded us! So, duh....JK ODonnells is an Irish Ale House! In American terms, a bar. I was thinking about the food and the atmosphere, not realizing it was a bar! So embarrassing...on so many levels!

We did find another restaurant that he had not been to and we did enjoy a great meal together. But as I write this, I realize the name of that restaurant is not something you would expect either - Granite City Brewery. Oh my. Now that's Young Mother of the Year material right there.

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