Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ready for some Football

I love this time of year.
I love it even more when I see number 44 on the field.

I brought my camera to my son's game a few weeks ago and when I got home, I uploaded the pictures and called him over to check himself out. I loved looking through these pictures, especially the action pictures I got of him. But this is what I heard as his eyes scanned the photos, "Too high. head needs to be up. I'm WAY too high. Here I am a little too high" and more.

He loves this game. He continually strives to be better, puts in the time, works hard. And I learned that evening that he isn't afraid to critique himself. He looked at himself and wondered what he needed to do to improve the play.

Its inspiring really. I wonder how much I could improve my game if I was willing to be critiqued. If I could look at the pictures and see where I need to put my head up, or put my shoulders down, to look and see if I am where I need to be to make the play for my team. Zach is inspiring to me in many ways ~ this is just one of them.


  1. I love that boy of yours!! He is inspiring to me too - his commitment and hard work has not gone unnoticed and it's now paying off with his time on the field. I would love to be able to come out and watch him play again. You should e-mail me his schedule and I will see what I can do. Love you guys!!


  2. I love that you seek out ways to learn from your children. Awesome.


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