Friday, June 18, 2010

Hold On...

It is a big weekend. My daughter, Courtney, turns 18 today! Her commencement ceremony is Saturday and her graduation party will be Sunday. With much to do during this time, my mother-in-law has been in town most of the week to lend a hand. The other night while we were all in the living room enjoying some time together, Courtney crawled into the chair with me and laid her head across my lap. It was a moment to take in.

I was suddenly keenly aware of a few things: One was how peaceful, and even proud, I felt to have the relationship that we do at this stage that she would snuggle in like that. Another was that even as I stroked her hair I could see her little girl face just under the surface of her almost adult one. And then I looked at my husband and glanced at his mother sitting across the room and wondered how many more moments I will have like this with my child. When will she simply sit across the room from me?

Who knew there would come a time when the simple act of holding my daughter could mean so much and affect me so deeply. I don't recall thinking, this is the last time I will bathe her, wash her hair, push her on the swing or hold her in my lap to read her a book. Those lasts just happened while I was unaware.

It is a busy, busy time in our family right now, but being cognizant of moments like this is what will help make the transition we are about to make a little easier...for we are in transition, and I am about to move a little further out on this parenting thing, but for now I will hold on where I am today with eyes wide open.


  1. How very wise you are to savor those transitional moments. I have some regret that I was so busy "living it" that I didn't always remember to savor the passages of life.

  2. made me teary... reminding me to enjoy the moments I am in right NOW.

  3. Sheri, The wonderful thing about daughters is that there will still be those moments...less frequent, but there is nothing like being soothed by your mom.
    So glad you can savor these moments!


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